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The CEO of EFG Kabeel world the well-known and trusted financial group for years is preparing to launch the biggest economic event in Egypt the 1st Complex Investment Exhibitions world of alternative investment s 4 brands exceptional Expos, this event will allow the meeting of the pioneers of finance world interested in attending exhibitions in general and the special Expos in specific targeting B2B and B2C mutual benefits. Grow your network among thousands of brands that are the driving force behind industry disruption and change. Wael M.Kabeel P.H.D

  • Register early
  • Follow up with prospects
  • Participate in conversations and discussions 
Harry Up! Don't Miss Out!

Seminars Highlight

  • High Profile Speakers From Different Investing Sectors.
  • Wide Range Of Networking Opportunities For B2B and B2C
  • Branding Opportunities
Up to
20000 visitors
3000 Mtr
15 Minutes
to City Center
8 Venue Spaces
For your seminars
Many Places
to Go After