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Is the 1st Complex Investment Exhibitions ,also a leading Global Event for traders, Finance community Industry in Egypt, Bringing together top-tier retail local Stock Markets, RealEstate Developers & brokers forex brokers, liquidity providers, Gold trading, FinTech &crypto, Universities &Academies, leasing & insurance brokers, payment and Software providers, IBs and Affiliates.

 for the first time! world’s of direct investments & alternative investments under one floor under one name and the same hotel.

Why Egypt

Egypt is located in a very important region in the Middle East.Due to the high population of egypt, there are big opportunities to attract big numbers of iinvestors.

The major players iin the investment markets also benefit from low-cost professional employees who can provide top-quality services for companies at low cost .

The weather in Egypt is considered one of the best weathers in the world with four seasons year that visits worth plus the ancient history of Egyption Pharaohs attracts millions of visitors who enjoy the amazing view of pyramids and the Nile River along with many other tours that can’t be found in any other part of the world  

Why Exhibit / Sponsor ?

  • Promote your products and services to
    many visitors who are searching for
    new investment opportunities.
  • Increase your
    company’s visibility period
  • Generate the greatest number of
    qualified leads within a short period.
  • Meet the audience that is ready to
  • Strengthen old clients
    relations, set up a branch
    of new ones
  • Penetrate new markets with minimal risk. 
Up to 20000
3500 sqm
(6997 sqft)
15 Minutes
to City Center
  • Top 50 awards 
  • The 100 Angel Investor for the collective investors
  • The 20 Biggest investment firms
  • The top 35 Investmnt awards
  • The top 35 Fx awards
  • The top 25 Fintech awards
  • The top 25 Local stock markets award
  • The top 25 RealEstat awards
  • The top 25 Start-Up awards
    and professionals from different categories
Sponsors last events 2018 / 2022​
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Baron Empain Palace

Hotel offers favorable rates as well as shuttle bus (between hotel and venue) for all visitors.

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Team Organizers​
Corporate Account Manager

Bassant Magdy

CO-Founder EFG Kabeel World

Wael Kabeel

Corporate Account Manager

Jory Jihad

Business Development consultant

Taher Moursi

Corporate Account Manager

Ali Mohamed

Marketing Manager

Amira Elawa

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    Kabeel Xpos 2023 –1t Complex Investment Exhibition​ 28-30.04.2023